Cupboard 2: Miscellaneous

Top Shelf:
A box of audio tapes and computer floppies:

  • 8 audio tapes, copy of National Archive C363 Devonshire Dialect + notes on.
  • Audio tape John Squire 2001, Betty Aggett (MW).
  • Audio tape Rose Wonnacott, Ted Hill circa 1983 (MW).
  • Audio tape Tom Stead, Alice Cook circa 1983(MW).
  • Audio tape Alice Cook, Minnie Wonnacott (MW).
  • Audio tape South Zeal (PGS).
  • Audio tape South Radio Devon.
  • 2 unidentified audio tapes.

Floppy disc Maud Bowden Archive Microsoft Excel 97.
Framed Devon Village Ventures certificate for best "devon Village Self-Help Project".
Burgoyne Memorial drawing 1976.
Foot and Mouth Official Documents - P. Glover.
2 framed photos of Ramsley Mine - Archie Crocker.
Framed collage of children at South Tawton Primary School, 1992.
Minutes and accounts of Beating the Bounds, 18.5.59.
Document - Living and working in South Zeal, compiled by school children, Meg Wolton.
Duplicate photocopies of the Tuidor section of E. Lega Weekes' transcripts of the Church Wardens' Acounts (one is with Margaret Cash).

Bottom Shelf:
3 Victory Hall Minute Books, 1921-, 1945, 1972-.
Old Okehampton Deanery Magazines.
Beacon Players Scrapbook - 1945-1956.
Audio equipment for listening to tapes (I'm not sure this works, MW).
Box of Velcro, photo mounts etc.


South Tawton Local History Group has an active Facebook page with interesting historical and recent photographs regularly appearing.

Map of South Zeal

In 2013 the South Tawton Local History Group installed a board with a historical map of South Zeal at the South Zeal car park: