Cupboard 5

Top Shelf: Ring binders and pocket files.
1st South Zeal Scout Group, scrap book - 1953-2001. [STLHG51]
Two Wonnacott account books, rebound, 1930s. [STLHG52]
Gerald Bastable Collection:

  • House Features. [STLHG53]
  • The Poor. [STLHG54]
  • Ramsley Mine (red), contents listed. [STLHG55]
  • Ramsley Mine (white), contents listed. [STLHG56]

The Maud Bowden Archive, catalogued. [STLHG57]
Photographs of the A30 in 1960 and the road in 2003 - Blanche Wonnacott and Derek Warnes. [STLHG58]
Charter Celebrations 1998, white ring binder. [STLHG59]
Charter Group, yellow pocket folder. [STLHG510]
History Group, May 1997 - this contains the printed Photographic Archive Catalogue and other material. [STLHG511]
South Tawton Parish Magazine, 1971-1981. [STLHG512]
Large envelope - Oxenham Estate catalogue, very tatty. [STLHG513]
Box of duplicate photos. [STLHG514]
Stack of large envelopes - empty.

Bottom Shelf:
PGS Three boxes of roughly sorted P. Shaw material. [STLHG515]
HP Photos taken in 2005 of houses from Zeal Head to Shelly and used in the 2007 Exhibition 'House Histories'. [STLHG516]
Pink folder - House Histories, Zeal Head to Shelly, 2007. [STLHG517]
HG History group back papers. [STLHG518]


South Tawton Local History Group has an active Facebook page with interesting historical and recent photographs regularly appearing.

Map of South Zeal

In 2013 the South Tawton Local History Group installed a board with a historical map of South Zeal at the South Zeal car park: